Your Guide for a Spiritual Life

Your Guide for a Spiritual Life

Your Guide for a Spiritual LifeYour Guide for a Spiritual Life


A guide and companion to your self-awareness of your own Divine Spirit, your God Self
February 10, 2018 

Instead of telling you how and what to do, this little book of personal  and guided Writings provides everyday experiences, thoughts, and  insights for you to welcome, ponder, explore, and engage as you unfold  your own guidance, truth, and enlightenment along your spiritual path on  your individual earthly journey. I believe to live a life of Spirit we  each must ultimately go alone. Seeking within your own soul, heart,  mind and body your own truth and wisdom, and then, consciously choosing  to live life from your True Spirit, you own Divine Self. Along this  journey I often affirm and remind myself, "I am a spiritual being having  a human experience." For me this book is a gentle, loving guide and  companion along my spiritual journey of discovery and self-awareness. It  is my North Star--constant, consistent, reliable, and always ready to  lead me forward and deeper into my God Self.
I have known Patricia and her Beloved Guides since 1987. As dear  friends, she and I have walked in sync on many earthly paths and  experiences. Always sharing and supporting each other in our commitment  to living a life of Spirit. As she states in the book's preface, "For  many years, I have been dreaming about writing a book to share the  Writings, and I have continually put it off as I pursued other  endeavors." For over 30 years, I have been blessed by her Writings and  her unwavering commitment to her dream of a book. Throughout, I  respected and admired her dedication, perseverance, and faith to the  birthing of her spiritual gift to the world. It's time has come! It is  written with such clarity, simplicity, honesty, humility, beauty, and  most of all love. Patty, her story, and this beautiful gift have  inspired and lifted me up again and again.
I am currently working with the"Speak to us of Love" Writing. My heart  and several synchronicities have guided me to work with this and the  gift of self-healing. Give and bless yourself and others with this  companion and guide to your own Divine Self and living your life from  Spirit. Stay tuned for subsequent volumes. The gifts and blessings just  keep coming.
Carol Mercer Penman 

 Take your time. Use this book as a daily or weekly practice to open to higher truths.
December 11, 2017 

 Such a wonderful book of Divine guidance. Take a moment, center yourself  and connect to your higher self, ask to open to a page that has a  relevant message for you for the day. Read the message once or twice.  Review it in the evening and sit quietly and discover how the message  pertained to your day. 

 Wonderful book!
October 20, 2017 

 "Tuning In To Spirit" is my go-to book for daily inspiration. Each  writing is a poignant, practical, powerful message revealing how  listening to our
Inner Divine Guidance leads to clarity, understanding, wisdom and joy.  Our outer world is swiftly changing - moment by moment. This book
provides a grounding place...a sanctuary within...where we can feel  comforted, supported and safe. Thank you, Patricia, for allowing the  Divine Presence of Love to flow unimpeded through your writings. "Tuning  In To Spirit" is a beautiful gift to the planet and a blessing to all  from heaven.
Pamela Welch / KS 

 The guidance is CLEAR
October 16, 2017 

 The book is valuable in all facets of my life--starting with connecting  with my inner self and expanding out to being of service to all. The  joys of this book include its many topics and being able to receive  guidance in the moment without having to plow through pages and pages.  The Writings are simple, direct, and profound. The guidance is CLEAR.
Marie B. Kalat 

 A wonderful volume that provides all with a unique experience
October 21, 2017 

 This book has provided me with clarity and a sense of calmness during a  time with so much doubt and confusion. Being someone new to these  teachings and spiritual paradigms, this book helped me understand the  aspect of Oneness, the inter-connected nature of all things and that  there is light even in the darkest of times. I eagerly look forward to  the next volume to further my learning and enrich my life. I would also  highly recommend this book to everyone, as the writings provide a unique  experience for each person regardless of where you are in life.
David P. Morrissey 

 Positive, uplifting, and inspirational!
October 29, 2017 

 About a month ago, I received "Tuning In To Spirit (Volume 1)" as a gift  from a dear friend. We were catching up on life, discussing our current  struggles (and joys), and she knew without me having to say that I felt  very depressed, hopeless, and in need of emotional and spiritual  guidance. A few days later, she gave me this book and said, "All your  answers are in here. Trust me. This helps me to get through each day and  I really think it will help you, too". She was so right! As soon as I  began to read it, I felt myself smiling and already beginning to form a  connection with the Writings. Even though at the time I felt like I was  about to hit rock bottom, I was quickly able to see that this book was  going to change my life forever. It truly, truly has. Now I read "Tuning  In To Spirit" every single day, multiple times a day when I have the  time. This book makes it very easy to have that extra time, because even  though I have already read it from cover to cover, I also like to open  up to a "random" Writing any time I need guidance, clarity, comfort, and  to feel uplifted. I say "random" because it has become crystal clear to  me that there are really no coincidences when it comes to this book! No  matter what problem or situation I am facing or how I am feeling  inside, each time I close my eyes and choose a page to open to, the  Writing I receive is always absolutely perfect and relevant. After  reading the first few chapters that first day, I decided to order  several more copies so that I can "pay it forward" and spread this  beautiful gift around to the people I love and beyond. As much as the  books would make fabulous holiday gifts, I am way too excited to wait  that long! I went from feeling like my life was over to being able to  not only see the light at the end of the tunnel, but learning how to be  the light as well. I recommend this book to everyone from all walks of  life. I carry it with me in my purse wherever I go. It is my own  personal Bible!
Laura M. 

 A Gift that Keeps on Giving!!!
November 4, 2017  

 I'm so grateful to have received this life-changing book as a gift!! I  love the softcover version of this book because I don't like being on  the computer to read a book. I like to hold it in my hands and turn each  page as I soak in the golden nuggets of wisdom that emerges directly  from the page into my heart and soul. When I am experiencing a  challenging time, I open the book to a random page, but it's not a  random page, it's exactly the insight that I needed for my particular  situation. It has become my saving grace! I find that I reach for the  book for guidance BEFORE I respond to a particular situation as it helps  me to remember how important it is to spiritually respond to a situation  instead of immediately reacting to it! The difference is life altering  because the outcome is positively impacted when I respond in a conscious  manner rather than simply reacting. I highly recommend this wonderful  book for anyone who wants to live more consciously. It's my go-to book  as my secret tool to dealing with this ever-changing world. So now that  I've shared my secret tool, I suggest you purchase your copy so you'll  receive all the tips & tools this book has to offer!
Carma Lee 

 Happy Spirit
October 25, 2017 

 This book has touched my heart. I am on my spiritual quest and this is a  true "keeper". I read one of the writings each morning randomly, and  think about the value of it all day. Each reading is short and sweet,  yet infused with Happy Spirit. It has helped me to look inside myself  for the Light and to be the Light. It will not disappoint.
Kathleen Sullivan 

October 30, 2017   

Simply written, yet packing powerful and profoundly deep wisdom, this  little book truly is a spiritual MasterPeace. Written from the heart of  Oneness, even the stillness between the words speaks to the reader,  drawing awareness into the Essence of one’s being. Once I started  reading it, I couldn’t put it down! Awesome!
Rev. Diadra Price 

June 24, 2017 

 "Tuning In To Spirit" is beautifully written and offers spiritual  guidance for everyday living. Patricia offers, in this wonderful book, a  unique perspective on how to navigate through all of life's triumphs  and tribulations. It's as if all of her life lessons are wrapped in love  and then shared with us through this amazing book. If I had to pick a  favorite, which is no easy task, as I love every one of them for  different reason, I would pick, Choose to experience "What is." This  wonderful writing has inspired me to handle a multitude of situations  with grace and ease. These insightful writings are short enough to read  one everyday yet their messages touch your heart & soul and stay  with you long after you've read them.
Carma Lee 

 Patricia's book is a wonderful blend of traditional and non traditional teachings
May 30, 2017 

 I found so many gems in this book. I found one in particular, her story  of moving the bird's nest, to be so helpful in reminding us that there  is a Divine plan that may not be obvious as it is unfolding. Patricia's  book is a wonderful blend of traditional and non traditional teachings,  presented in a straightforward and touching way. Her deep and abiding  faith is present throughout the book.
Kathleen M. Welcome 

 A delightful read!
May 29, 2017 

 I greatly enjoyed reading this book. It’s a delightful and thoughtful  mix of wisdom from Patricia’s Beloved Guides, A Course in Miracles and  other great spiritual teachings.
Patricia is a wonderful teacher and "Tuning In To Spirit” will help you on your journey down the path.
Ray Peterson 

June 7, 2017 

 Such an Inspiring Book! A "Pick up Anytime" for re-focusing and inspiration! Thank you Patricia Conte-Nelson! I LOVE THIS!
Jamie K

 A gift for oneself.
June 7, 2017  

 Eloquently written and full of wisdom. This book can be a source of  inspiration for everyone regardless of where they are on their spiritual  journey.
Amazon Customer 

 Wonderful and Inspiring!
 June 7, 2017   

Wonderful and inspiring words from a wonderful and inspiring woman❣
Susan Grant-Nash 

 Start 'Tuning Into Spirit' right now.
 November 16, 2017 

 My friend, Patricia Conte-Nelson, has written a wonderful little book full  of spiritual wisdom. "Tuning In To Spirit" is a compendium of  "writings" she received from her "Beloved Guides," who have been  speaking to her since 1984, and some of her own spiritual musings.  Patricia is -- and has been -- a wide-open vessel for these teachings  for as long as I have known her, which is many, many years. The  "Beloveds," as she calls her Guides, offer spiritual wisdom ranging from  the sublime to the practical, helping the reader navigate the human  journey. Patricia's chapters are short and to-the-point, never  meandering here and there. They have titles such as "Look Around You,"  "Keep It Simple and Surrender," "Synchronicity and the 'Still Small  Voice'" "Multitasking and My Peace of Mind," "Heaven Is an Inside Job,"  "Your New Way of Being" and my favorite, "The Hummingbird Lesson." This  is Volume 1 of these important teachings. Start reading them now!
Bill Worth 

 The Power of Divine Guidance
 July 14, 2017  

 “Tuning In To Spirit” is a gem! Patricia, along with her guides, offers  so much practical advice and wisdom for living a fulfilled and happy  life. Each page provides a resource to show us how to tap into the  limitless powers of divine guidance. Read it and you’ll experience more  joy and serendipity every day. — Lynn A. Robinson, Author of "Divine Intuition: Your Inner Guide for Purpose, Peace and Prosperity"