Tuning In To Spirit (Excerpt)



If you stay aware, a wonderful gift will find its way to you; a person, a book, a course, a word, something, even a billboard will capture your attention and be a bit of guidance that will show you what track you have been on. At that point, you can decide if you want to change your life and choose a new way of being.

That is just what happened to me. One day back in 1982 I was visiting my sister and saw a book on the coffee table. My life at that point seemed to have fallen apart. Actually, it took falling apart for my life to come together in a new amazing direction. I reached out for the book and was mesmerized by it. My sister had bought the book thinking it would be a good read, but it did not resonate with her, so she left it there, thinking one of her Reiki clients might want to read it. It sat there until I visited a few months later and picked it up. That’s how it was orchestrated for me to receive the guidance that would change the course of my life.

The way it happened was that my sister was walking through a bookstore, and the book literally fell out of the book stack onto her foot, so she decided to buy it. The name of the book is Three Magic Words by Uell S. Anderson. The three magic words the title refers to are “I AM God,” which was a key revelation for me. It moved me deeply, and totally opened my mind to a new way of thinking and my eyes to a new way of seeing.

Opportunities like that abound. People like my sister, who was a conduit for me to receive the book, are all around us. My sister said to herself, “This book fell on my foot, and there must be something here,” so she bought it. She had no idea at the time it was for me. But she followed her guidance.

Can you see how it works? All is working together, and when you have the eyes to see, you begin to realize life is filled with wonderful opportunities. Open your eyes and look around you and see the next opportunity, the next synchronicity that has been planned for you, and act on it.

You are loved with an everlasting love.