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About Patricia

Patricia Conte-Nelson is an Inter-Faith Minister, Licensed Unity Teacher, Prayer Chaplain, Oneness Blessing Trainer, and spiritual teacher who is devoted to helping others to awaken to their own Divine Nature. As the Writings say, she believes that life flows with more grace and ease when we follow the guidance that is always there for us when we take a breath, go within and listen. The answers we receive can be life changing.

These Writings and the Beloved Guides

I began receiving guidance through Stream of Consciousness Writing in answer to my questions back in 1984. Stream of Consciousness Writing is free flowing. I do not stop to put in punctuation; I just keep writing or typing. After the Writing is complete, I go back and punctuate and paragraph.
I was told by a Medium who did psychic readings that I had Spiritual Guides who wanted to work with me, and I should listen to and write down what they said. The Medium told me to start by saying a protective prayer. I chose the Lord’s Prayer.

A couple of days after my meeting with the Medium, I sat down to receive what I called a “Writing.” When nothing came, I had a thought: “Write the Lord’s Prayer.” I was just saying it; I was not writing it. It was a quiet ah-ha thought that came out of nowhere; and I realized how powerful writing the Lord’s Prayer would be. By the third time I wrote the Lord’s Prayer, guidance started coming through. My chattering mind quieted as I focused on writing the words of the Lord’s Prayer. From then on that has been my practice. I have continued to receive thoughts streaming into my mind to write an answer to any questions I ask.
A few years ago, along with the Lord’s Prayer, I started each Writing by including the words, “I honor the Light within me. I am a clear and perfect channel. Divine Light is my Guide.”

When I first started, I handwrote everything in spiral notebooks. Eventually I began to type the guidance I received, and to address the Spiritual Guides as “Beloved Guides” or “Beloveds.”
These Writings are a compilation of some of the answers I received from the Beloved Guides as well as Writings I wrote directly. The Beloved Guides reminded me there was no distinction between what is from them and what is from me, and what is from both of us in any given Writing.
Their exact words are: “It is all from the Divine within you. We have been helping you to go within to listen to the guidance, which comes from the Divine within you at the core of your Being. It is that guidance that you have been hearing all these years. It is all the Divine; even the reflections that you have made have been colored by your Divine Self.”